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Since 2013, in the technology sector, we’ve been specialists in developing custom digital solutions that drive the growth and success of our clients! The digiUP is an experienced company in technological solutions, with a proven track record in developing innovative websites and efficient API integrations, ensuring that the proposed solutions are aligned with the specific needs of the client. Therefore, we empower companies of all sizes and sectors in adapting and digitally transforming their communication channels and business processes. As experts in WordPress & WooCommerce CMS, we have the ability to understand and develop the most suitable structure for each project, ensuring that the proposed solutions are both robust and scalable. Our experience and expertise are the foundation of our customer-centric approach, enabling us to deliver exceptional results in every project we undertake. We believe that our passion for technology and our commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind our success and customer satisfaction.


UP We Go

We believe that in an increasingly digital world, we can prioritize human relationships and create lasting synergies between entities by choosing to work together and have an impact on people and projects, based on more collaboration and less competition.

UP Values

Despite being “digitally accelerated,” we choose to select people to join our team not only for their technical skills but above all for their values and personal qualities.

Match UP

We want to choose the projects to develop and the entities we work with. For the challenges, for the potential, for the innovation, and for their business purpose. What are your company values? Do we identify with them?

Power UP

Dissatisfied and restless by nature, our focus is on the sustainable growth of the company and our professionals. We seek constant evolution of knowledge and strive for better conditions to fulfill our work. We rely on processes of accountability, remote work, internal training, career progression, and downshifting.

Rise UP

We roll up our sleeves (no pun intended).
We always strive to step out of our comfort zone.
We’re ambitious rather than greedy.
Every day, we fulfill our purpose and our goals, becoming better individuals, better professionals, and better work partners.


We are a multidisciplinary team composed of creatives, programmers, graphic artists, marketers, and consultants.

We value not only technical skills but also the personal values and qualities of each team member.

We work closely with our clients, applying our experience and qualifications to create customized strategies that meet the needs and objectives of your business. Additionally, we develop tools and processes to optimize your company’s operations.

Marco Ferreira

CEO & Growth Leader

João Nascimento


João Pedro

Web Developer

Abílio Silva


Rafaela Costa

UX/UI Designer & Project Manager


It’s time to level UP  your business.
At digiUP, we grow together.

MARCO FERREIRA - CEO & Growth Leader

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